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A dream come true

GoPure stands for organic products of the highest quality, locally grown ingredients (wherever possible), and traditional cooking methods, without artificial additives.

GoPure is pure. In other words: back to the source.

GoPure is the flagship brand of Yellow Chips: an initiative of three passionate entrepreneurs who wanted to use their experience in the world of chips and savoury snacks to create the tastiest natural and organic chips ever. Some might call it a vocation. We simply say that we love what we do.

GoPure is more than just the tastiest organic chips. Our brand also stands for an open and personal way of working together with all the links in the chain, as shown for example by our cooperation with local farmers and organic specialist shops.

GoPure chips are manufactured in Emmeloord, the potato capital of Europe. Centrally located in the Dutch and Northern European market and practically on the doorstep of our raw material suppliers in Flevoland. Our trucks therefore spend less time on the road from the potato fields and factory, and to the shops. This contributes to a reduction in CO2.