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Food Facts

These cards contain a wide variety of questions about our GoPure chips. Click on a question to see the answer. You can view the questions card by card, or by clicking on a letter of the alphabet.


  • A


    Are there allergens in GoPure chips?

    All our products are allergen free.

  • B

    Batch fried

    On the bag, it says that GoPure chips are 'batch fried'. Does this mean that we cook our chips by hand in a chip pan?

    Not entirely. 'Batch fried' stands for the traditional character of the process. Our chips are cooked in small batches, rather than being produced on an assembly line. We only start on another batch once the first batch is done. 'Hand cooked' also stands for a more natural form and shape: each chip is different.


    What type of beets do we use in our vegetable chips?

    For our vegetable chips we use the well-known red beetroot, frequently used in Dutch cuisine. Beetroot makes for delicious vegetable chips because of its slightly sweet and creamy texture. Besides beetroot, our vegetable crisps also contain yellow and white beets. But it's all the same family, so they all taste equally good!

  • C


    You need certificates to manufacture organic products, right?

    Definitely! Manufacturers need to be able to prove that what they make and sell actually meets organic standards. The Skal logo on our packaging and on this website guarantees this. This way you can be sure that our organic products really are organic. Skal monitors this at the request of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


    Why put carrots in chips?

    Carrots are healthy and always delicious: you can eat them raw or steamed with fish, but fried, too, they add hugely to our vegetable chips. So the answer to 'why carrots' is quite simple: they're great!

  • D

  • E


    Both GoPure's name and slogan are in English. Is this deliberate?

    Certainly. It is because GoPure is also sold outside the Netherlands, for example in England, France, Germany and Scandinavia. Using English is therefore an obvious choice: almost everyone speaks enough English to understand our message.

  • F

    Factory visit

    I would like to see the factory. Is this possible?

    We regret to disappoint you here. The rules on safety and hygiene that we must enforce at our factory unfortunately don't allow it.

  • G


    Do you have stickers and pens to give away?

    Unfortunately, we cannot help you there. We have chosen to create a product that is as pure and natural as possible. We therefore also want to keep our advertising as pure as possible. Giving away information at a fair booth or on our website is one thing, but we don't believe in giving away gadgets. GoPure wants to preserve its simplicity.


    Do GoPure chips contain gluten?

    No, all of our products are gluten free. No gluten-containing ingredients are used in our factory.


    Why the name 'GoPure'?

    It simply expresses our desire to go for pure products. This means that our products stay as close as possible to what nature provides. 'GoPure' also stands for our company's approach: straightforward and open. This means, for example, that we clearly state where we get our ingredients.


    What is GoPure's view on its cooperation with growers?

    GoPure works closely with organic growers in the belief that 'together is better'. This is not just about aligning needs and complementing each other's knowledge. Equally important is a shared passion to create the tastiest product for the consumer. This is why GoPure also maintains good relationships with organic specialist shops.

  • H


    How do you ensure a good harvest for your potato chips?

    We make advance agreements with growers in the area about the potato variety and expected harvest time. The growers have extensive experience in doing all that is humanly possible to ensure a bumper harvest. However, they too are at the mercy of the weather, which makes every harvest a bit uncertain, but also a lot of fun. If the harvest is good, we all celebrate together.


    What type of herbs go into the chips?

    GoPure chips come in many different flavours. These flavours are created by adding herbal extracts or flavourings. All of these additives, as well our potatoes and vegetables, are organically sourced and thus 100% natural.

  • I


    Where do the potatoes and vegetables come from?

    GoPure chips are made from the finest organic ingredients that we buy locally as much as we can. If at any point we cannot source an ingredient from the direct vicinity, then we get our ingredients from other growing areas, sometimes also in neighbouring countries. In this way we can continue to guarantee the high quality of our tasty chips.

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  • K

  • L


    Are all our potatoes and vegetables from the North-East Polder?

    The philosophy of GoPure is to buy ingredients from local growers, as much as possible. This is generally possible, but not always. This has to do with the quality of the harvest, but also with the availability of the ingredients. Sweet potatoes, for example, can only be bought abroad. But in everything we do, we always carefully consider whether the ingredients can be bought locally.

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  • N

    New ideas

    Are you currently working on any new flavours?

    Coming up with new ideas is part of our job: we do so in order to make our products better and tastier. Inventing new flavours is part of this process. There's no way of knowing who'll come up with the next 'GREAT IDEA' at GoPure. It is a passion we all share. And of course we'll let you know as soon as there's something new!

    North-East Polder

    Why did you choose the North-East Polder?

    The North-East Polder is packed with potato growing activities. It was therefore logical to set up our business in this area. In this way, we always have our ingredients and growers nearby. The North-East Polder is also conveniently located with respect to the rest of north-western Europe: our market.

    Not satisfied?

    What should I do if I have a complaint?

    We do everything we can to make the tastiest organic chips. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with one of our products, please do email us and we will contact you as soon as possible!

  • O


    If your chips are organic, is the same true of your oil?

    Absolutely. We exclusively use organic sunflower oil to cook our chips.

  • P


    It says 'packaged in a protective atmosphere' on the bag. What does this mean?

    To ensure that our chips reach you whole, chip bags are always slightly inflated. This prevents your chips from being crushed by other groceries in your cart or basket. The nitrogen used to inflate the bag also makes the chips last longer. Nitrogen in the bag slows the ageing process and displaces the oxygen, causing the chips to last longer. And there's nothing scary about nitrogen: did you know that nearly 80% of the air we breathe consists of nitrogen?


    What are parsnips?


    Parsnip is a vegetable that was already eaten in Roman times. Long forgotten in Dutch cuisine, parsnips are currently experiencing a comeback. Like the carrot, parsnip can be eaten both raw and cooked or stewed, and has a subtle flavour. We like using parsnip in our vegetable chips.


    Why is the peel included with some of our chips?

    With both our batch fried chips and vegetable chips, the peel is still on the potatoes when we cut them into small slices and cook them. We do this on purpose. A lot of the taste is hidden just below the peel. In addition, it gives our chips their unparalleled crunch.


    Who are the people in the pictures on the packaging? Do they really work at GoPure?

    The people in the photos are models. Our own employees didn't really feel like posing for the photographer. 'Let's just make good chips', was the general consensus.

    Potato Capital

    Why is Emmeloord called the 'potato capital of the world'?

    The Netherlands is known worldwide for the quality of its seed potatoes. This is not only due to the rich soils and temperate maritime climate, but also the expertise of our growers. The North-East Polder is packed with potato growing activities. Emmeloord was given the honorary title of 'Potato Capital' as the largest town and epicentre of all this activity.

    Potato variety

    Which potatoes pass the GoPure test?

    First of all, all of our potatoes are organic. Secondly, we choose only the finest potato varieties, such as Lady Rosetta, Pirol and Markies, to make our delicious chips. But we don't make these decisions on our own. We consult our expert growers every step of the way.


    Can I have information to use in my presentation?

    Of course, with pleasure! Just send us a list of what you want to know and we'll send you the requested answers / information. We look forward to receiving your questions!

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  • R


    Who comes up with the flavours and recipes for GoPure chips?

    Our own staff create the recipes for our chips. Sometimes ideas are based on traditional recipes, and sometimes they're contemporary variants. The leading concern is to preserve the natural flavour. Our chips are called 'GoPure' for a good reason!

  • S

    Sea salt

    GoPure uses sea salt in its chips. Why? And where does it come from?

    Because of its composition, sea salt has a richer flavour than table salt. Sea salt is produced by evaporating seawater. One litre of seawater contains about 35 grams. The method used to extract the salt is centuries old. The Romans built low walls along the sea, behind which large pits were dug. Evaporation resulted in a deposit of salt, which was then collected and cleaned.

    Shelf life

    What's the shelf life of GoPure chips?

    From the moment GoPure chips leave the factory, you can be assured that they will stay nice and crispy for seven months (vegetable chips) and nine months (potato chips). And all this only by adding salt or organic herbs. So yes, you can store our chips for a long time. The only question is whether you can leave a bag untouched for that long!


    Where can I buy GoPure chips?

    GoPure chips are available from leading organic specialist shops. Want to know exactly where you can find our products in your area? Send us an email and we'll send you a list of shops. This way you'll have the most recent and relevant information.


    There is a Skal logo on the bag. What does it stand for?

    Skal is a quality mark that guarantees the reliability of organic products. This way you can be sure that an organic product really is organic. Skal monitors this at the request of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

    Sweet potatoes

    Vegetable chips contain sweet potato. What exactly are sweet potatoes?


    The distinctive sweet taste of these potatoes and the many ways of preparing them were already discovered around the year 1500. Since then, sweet potatoes have mainly been produced and eaten in South and Central America. Sweet potatoes are not (yet) grown locally on a large scale and therefore need to be imported.

  • T


    How do I know what's in the chips?

    At GoPure, we believe that knowing what's in your food is as important as the flavour. This is why all our packaging clearly states what ingredients were used in our chips. Still have questions? Please don't hesitate to ask, we are happy to answer them!

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    Why do some chips come in a small bag while others come in an XL size?

    Good question! The answer is actually determined by the demand for certain types of chips. For example, natural or paprika chips tend to get eaten in greater quantities at a time than chips with a more pronounced flavour, such as our oregano chips or more refined batch fried chips. As a producer, we try to take this into account.

  • Y

    Yellow Chips

    On the packet, it says that GoPure chips are made by 'Yellow Chips'. Who is Yellow Chips?

    Yellow Chips is a young company following its own course in the food sector: it supplies organic chips, is committed to close cooperation in the chain and puts the customer and consumer first. You can read the entire story here.


    I have a question or suggestion.

    Feel free to contact us! After all, we make our chips for you! We are therefore always open to any questions or suggestions that you might have. The easiest way to contact us is by sending us an email. We will answer you as soon as we can!

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